Direct Investment

Your company's direct investment funds will allow Career Space to realise our dream of a fully interactive website that can reach children from all over the country. If you have SED funds you need to contribute, but are short on time, this is the best option for you.

Video Development

Career Space is constantly expanding our video library. If you would like us to cover some of the careers in your company or industry, this is the option for you. We will record and edit a video of one (or more) of your employees or industry players, thus giving learners and students an inside look at your company's culture and field of work.

Bursary Management

A shortage of finances is one of the main reasons students do not finish their tertiary studies, leaving your industry with a smaller skills pool. By putting your SED contribution towards a bursary for a skill or person you need in your company, you can create your own future skills pool...and change a life!

School visits

Career Space would like to visit schools your company has (or would like to have) a relationship with. We deliver an interactive educational session, showing videos, sharing important career preparation information and up-skilling the learners to investigate their future careers for themselves.

DVD Project

As Career Space, we realise that not all learners/students have access to the internet. As a way to address this, the Career Space DVD project would like to deliver a 50 video DVD to all of the more than 5900 high schools in South Africa. Teachers are itching to use the Career Space content in the Life Orientation periods, and we are itching to deliver it to all.

Verification documentation

Career Space will produce a comprehensive document file that can be submitted for your company's BEE:SED verification. This included copies agreements, payments, beneficiary details and the like.