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With the current Unemployment rate of 25.2% (Stats SA - June 2015), South Africa is facing an uncertain economic future. Government has identified Education as the main driver to not only alleviate poverty, but also to address unemployment. In the 2014-2015 financial year, Government spent 20% of its annual budget on Education. Despite this, learners are still in the dark about their future career opportunities as they are unable to find a centralised place that can not only advise them, but also help them discover what they are interested in.

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Career Space makes use of video-interviews of professionals in the workplace to help young people discover the best career for themselves. This enlightens future students on the critical skills needed to reduce future drop out rates. By making use of videos, we engage the young people on a platform and a medium they understand and feel comfortable with. This is presented to the learners on our future online platforms, as well as live school presentations. During the past three years, we have presented more than 50 such sessions at various schools and educational institutions.

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Since 2012, Career Space has produced more than 400 videos. We have interviewed specialists & industry leaders, giving young people access to unique and specialist career advice, career planning- and objective setting tools. By watching the 3-4 minute career profile videos, young people get a good understanding of the career, the challenges and the real world rewards they can expect. To add to the young person's employability, Career Space has also produced a series of videos covering a variety of job readiness topics, such as interview tips, work planning and employment basics.

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